Entrepreneurship Support Program

The Entrepreneurial Launchpad Program (ELP) is dedicated to empowering aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in New Jersey’s underserved communities by equipping them with essential tools, resources, and knowledge to start, manage, and expand their businesses. This program aims to foster a supportive ecosystem that stimulates local economic growth, creates jobs, and encourages innovation.

Program Objectives:

  •           Increase Business Formation
  •           Enhance Business Sustainability
  •           Foster Innovation and Expansion
  •           Build Entrepreneurial Capacity

Core Components:

  1. Business Training Workshops
  2. Mentorship Program
  3. Access to Capital
  4. Networking Opportunities
  5. Incubator and Accelerator Programs
  6. Legal and Regulatory Guidance

Financial Literacy Education Program

EmpowerFinance Program

The EmpowerFinance Program is designed to improve financial outcomes for low-to-moderate-income and BIPOC communities in New Jersey by providing comprehensive financial education. This program covers essential topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, credit management, and debt reduction to enhance participants’ financial knowledge and decision-making abilities.

Program Objectives:

  •           Enhance Financial Knowledge
  •           Promote Financial Health
  •           Foster Economic Empowerment
  •           Reduce Financial Stress

Core Components:

  1. Financial Education Workshops
  2. One-on-One Financial Counseling
  3. Interactive Financial Literacy Activities
  4. Online Learning Modules and Resources
  5. Community Financial Resource Fairs
  6. Youth Financial Education

Workforce Development Services

FutureWorks Pathways Program

The FutureWorks Pathways Program aims to equip individuals from low-to-moderate-income and BIPOC communities in New Jersey with the necessary skills, training, and support to gain employment and advance in their careers. This program focuses on vocational training, career counseling, job placement assistance, and ongoing support to ensure long-term employment stability.

Program Objectives:

  •           Skill Development
  •           Career Counseling
  •           Employment Placement
  •           Ongoing Support

Core Components:

  1. Vocational Training Programs
  2. Career Counseling Services
  3. Job Placement Assistance
  4. Supportive Services
  5. Employer Engagement
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation

Affordable Housing Initiative

The HomeFirst: Affordable Housing Initiative aims to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions to low-to-moderate-income families in New Jersey, focusing particularly on BIPOC communities. This program is designed to address the comprehensive needs of these communities, from securing affordable housing to providing educational workshops and financial counseling to ensure long-term stability.

Program Objectives:

  •           Increase Access to Affordable Housing
  •           Educate on Financial and Tenant Rights
  •           Provide Financial Assistance
  •           Advocate for Community Needs

Core Components:

  1. Housing Education Workshops
  2. Financial Assistance Programs
  3. Partnership Development
  4. Counseling and Support Services
  5. Community Engagement and Outreach

Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development Initiative (YELDI) Program Overview

Youth Engagement & Leadership Development

The Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development Initiative aims to cultivate leadership skills, promote civic engagement, and enhance personal development among young individuals, especially within low-to-moderate-income and BIPOC communities in New Jersey. This comprehensive program is structured around key areas of leadership training, mentorship, community service, and personal growth activities that together foster an environment of empowerment and proactive community involvement.

Program Objectives:

  •           Develop Leadership Skills
  •           Foster Civic Engagement
  •           Promote Educational Achievement
  •           Encourage Personal Development

Core Components:

  1. Leadership Workshops and Seminars
  2. Mentorship Program
  3. Community Service Projects
  4. Educational Support and Career Exploration
  5. Personal Development Activities
  6. Leadership Retreats

Healthy Futures: Health and Wellness Initiative

Health and Wellness Programs

The Healthy Futures: Health and Wellness Initiative aims to promote holistic health and wellness among low-to-moderate-income and BIPOC communities in New Jersey. This comprehensive program addresses the diverse needs of these communities through health education, preventive services, fitness programs, and mental health support, fostering overall well-being and quality of life.

Program Objectives:

  •           Promote Physical Health
  •           Enhance Mental Well-being
  •           Support Preventive Healthcare
  •           Cultivate Community Health Literacy

Core Components:

  1. Fitness and Nutrition Programs
  2. Mental Health Support Services
  3. Preventive Health Screenings and Vaccination Drives
  4. Health Education and Community Outreach
  5. Special Programs for Seniors
  6. Partnership Development